If I do more of what I love, I can love more about each day. I figured that out when I was around 10 or so, and it helped my depressive symptoms for the better. It wasn’t long before I was known for being a ‘wanderer’ (as my sister affectionately calls me). Anytime we’re out and about, even now, she’ll tell people ‘Make sure you watch Danni man, you know she gets lost’ lol. And it’s true. I became so content with doing whatever made ME feel…better…that I stopped concerning myself with how other people felt about it.

I have to do and implement more of THAT again. So I have to be present and teach the hell out of my new class. I have to kill it at work and get my business financing together as well as make sure that I find/make a way to get these grants pushed through. I also have to make enough money that I can actually SEE piling up so that I can shop…because that makes me happy too. If I do more of those things, I’ll have more good days, and if I can manage to have more good days-at least 3-5 a week-I can keep myself in a MUCH better mental space.

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