Today started off great. I felt good when I woke up. Got dressed and ready to head out then picked up the trash that n ended to go out, only to see the cat run out the door. Tried and failed at getting her to come back in but was already late so I had to leave her outside, knowing she’d likely be waiting by the door when I returned. 

Then, I got to work and sat down in my office only to be inundated with questions about why the writing that was done was for all of the wrong pieces. Had to figure out how to clear that up momentarily. After having told my grant team to basically do better, an even more half assed version of the first ‘work’ they’d sent me shows up in my inbox. I respond to the slight in kind, and tell them to take an unpaid week off and come back when they’re ready to do the work I expect of them. 

After that, I’m angry, hungry, and have a migraine out of this world. Regardless, I head back home in hopes of the cat being there. She is-until I open the door. At which point she proceeds to run off again and disappears. After 20 minutes of searching, I see her walking gingerly down the steps. Of course she runs when I go to pick her up, so I have to get her treats and sit down on the wet ground to get her to even come close to me. Finally she’s on range so I grab her, toss her into the house, and begin waking toward the train, soaking wet. 

I call my gf back to tell her that I got the cat inside and she offers to send me an uber. I decline because the only time I get to listen to my music and calm down is when I’m walking. She’s asking me how I’m gonna get to her office otherwise and I’m thinking ‘ummm, the same way I always do-on the train’. I get off tw phone with her because she’s too busy trying to be entertaining for whoever she’s around to pay attention to the fact that I’m level 10 annoyed. 

Did I mention that I managed to pop two more buttons off of my jacket while trying to get the stupid cat? Yeah. So it’s super windy and I can’t button myself up which is irritating me even more. I make it into the train and begin going over meeting docs and potential meeting notes only to find that half of the shit that should be done is NOT FUCKING DONE! 

Regardless, I basically run to the office to make sure I get there on time. I’m frazzled, still hungry, and unorganized as hell considering my team fucked up royally. But lo and behold, Kim is on a call. Which instantly irritates me bc why would you still be in a call when the meeting was set to start on time? It’s a meeting, for god’s sake! One of the only rules is to be on time. 

I roam around the office, have April ask me about the team, then Kim tel me that I owe her $50 for a bet I lost pertaining to the team. The fact that they were both interested in the team gave me the gist of obvious background conversation. Which I hate. But whatever. I present, finding more shit along the way that is simply not right and making me look even less composed. 

Then I head to the mandatory 4 o clock closed door meeting at the art institute to see the oh, they decided to move it due to potential protesting and not send out notice. Perfect! Which brings me to this current moment. I am so angry right now. I hate being made to look or feel like I have no clue wtf is happening. It’s embarrassing as hell and a few choice jackasses that I employ are making it easy for me to look that way. What makes things worse is that I don’t even have a fucking way to release all of this pent up aggression. 

I’m gonna find food because I still haven’t fucking eaten. I’m gonna go home, and I’m gonna scream into my pillow then read. Hopefully that helps. I’m done with this week. 

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