Saturday Thoughts

What I won’t do in 2017 is stand around with my hand out waiting on my sweetie to save me when I’m capable of taking care of myself. I need my independence back. I thought her or one of my other clients would pay before the year ended so that I handle things until mid-month but they didn’t so no worries, I’ll just have to pay the fee for my accountants to get money from them. Shit, it’s my money anyway. I just hate paying for nothing. But o refuse to be a damsel in distress for the next 2 weeks when I have things to do. Nope. Not starting, or ending, in any position less than self-sufficient. 

I’ll get money from my accountants, pay her back for my tooth, pay the rent since the other bills are up to date, and book my trips for work. No worries 😎

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