So, here I am, sitting in my office for a moment feeling…defeated. Everything that could go wrong thus far today has. So I’m just sitting here trying to gather myself before I finish dealing. The timing of things couldn’t possibly be worse. I’m watching my company implode in the presence of the very person who has rooted for me since the beginning. The same person that brought me onto one of the most sought after boards in the country. Today, seeing her look at me like she made a mistake was tough. Then it pissed me off. Because, for a second, I forgot how much I am forced to depend on other people in order to make my company work. Therefore, I forgot how easily that dependence could and would turn to complete shit in the blink of an eye.

When it comes down to it, only my name is on this endeavor. Only I wind up being responsible for all that goes right and wrong. That’s the part of entrepreneurship that sucks. You are your company. Your company is you. There is no separation. So now that my employees have fucked up, it’s myself and what winds up being left of my company that has to handle the reparations.

As always, I’ll manage. I’ll navigate the situations and make sure that I and my company come out of this looking better than before. But it doesn’t change the first strike now weighing on my mind. And the horrible timing in which these situations presented themselves. Two more strikes…

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