Life Begins

My best friend is getting married today. That sentence is incredibly profound because it is a reminder to me of how quickly our stations in life adjust, based on the energy we’re emitting. So, in the five minutes I have to myself today, I have to acknowledge how proud of her I am. I may not feel great about who she’s marrying, but I’m confident that she’s happy and she’s gonna give it her all, and that’s to be commended. Being here with her, watching her take such a leap of faith reminds me that that’s what love’s about, and that we can try as hard as we want to avoid it or somehow be above it but in the end, there’s no avoiding it. I want that. I want to share a life with with someone who knows that they can leave their pretensions behind and know that I’ll always meet them where they are and accept them fully. That’s where my best friend is with her soon to be husband, and that’s the only space I wanna be in with my wife. I am excited and moved and I can’t wait for the day that I walk toward the woman who I stand beside for the rest of my days. 

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