…And So ‘It’ Goes

Before you ask what ‘it’ is, I find it necessary to let you know that I have no clue. If I did, ‘it’ would be had. Regardless, that seemed the best suited title, considering that I’ll be discussing my ambitious pursuit. 

Life has been nice lately. Things have been falling into place (as much as they can) for me, and I’ve been a little lighter emotionally. Business is going well and I’m patiently waiting to tie up all of the pesky loose ends I’ve been working on. I’ve been pretty close to happy man, like this close. 

Kim bought me a pen the other day. Seems simple enough, but the gesture felt amazing because it told me that, for whatever reason, she had an immense amount of faith in me and what I’m trying to build, regardless of how meek things look at times. That is how she shows love. That is the way that she shows support. She may not say anything, but she will do everything and I’m learning to weigh that a lot more heavily. 

Secondly, she’s allowing me to buy two signed Earnest Hemingway books instead of using the money in my business account for rent while we wait for the check from our apartment company. I appreciate that a ridiculous amount because these books are so special to me and will be held in such high regard. Again, she does these things in order to show her love for me and, honestly, it’s growing on me. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow the want to hear how much I’m loved, how beautiful I am, or how I make her feel. That’s just what I prefer. But, her love language is kinda nice too. 

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