There are a few moments in which I am sure that I chose the right woman to love unconditionally. Tonight was one. If she goes down in history as the only person ever to completely conform someone like me, who has never, ever been faithful-physically or mentally-then so be it. I want her. For as long as I can have her. I plan to treat her like the most necessary and loved woman on the planet throughout our relationship. She will reap every benefit of the life that I am trying to re-create. And that is all there is to it. I have told her all of my secrets. She knows my shortcomings. I have been far less than perfect here. Yet, she chooses me. Only a fool would seek out anything more than that. As long as I continue feeling purposely chosen and necessary, I will make her work as perfect as possible. I will challenge myself every day to continue keeping my heart and mind in her care. I will work for her love. She deserves me-the ‘me’ that she is the first to attain. 

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